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User Comments:
1. | Jun 27, 2014
Yo! I was wanting your opiinon on an 1/8 Brushless buggy. I like the HPI Vorza, but my budget is more along the lines of the Red Cat bacldraft. lol.. anyway I dont race, just bash, but I dont want junk. So any ideas?? Also a text reply is fine.Thanks man.
2. | Jan 20, 2014
Yo, good looikn out! Gonna make it work now.
3. | Jan 19, 2014
Right on point Rachel.One other idea would to have this party at home and have make-up, hair supplies and dress-up ctehlos on hand that Jordyn and her friends can use to create their own looks. Or do some paper bag dramatics where the girls are split into groups and given a paper bag with wacky and fun costume pieces and props that they have to use to dress each other with and create a little skit or tableau for the rest of the party. You might also consider hiring your favorite teenager, babysitter or young neighbor (or two or three) to serve as the make-up artists and hairstylists. It seems a little excessive to be paying salon professionals for a child's birthday party. You could even have someone on hand as the photographer to take fun polaroids of the girls which they could take home as party favors (or even decorate as an art project during the party). I don't think it's unreasonable to have a birthday party that involves make-up and dress-up. I think the key to keeping it age appropriate is to make sure the goal isn't to have all the girls looking like pageant contestants before they go home.
4. | Feb 22, 2013
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5. | Feb 20, 2013
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6. | Feb 20, 2013
The creator or group is Karaoke #1 Hit Makers. I need to concatt them in order to see if I can use their music freely for something. I made a parody, so the lyrics are all mine, but the background music was made by them. Does anyone know a way to concatt them or to concatt artists in general?I need to know if their music is in public domain or not. I have edited the music in audacity, but I still need to check in order to use it.